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"You are born naked. The rest is drag."



cis people seem to love these gender presentation side-by-sides. these were taken like two weeks apart. fuck your gender binary (he/him & fae/faer)

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That's good little miss :)


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You okay today beautiful?

Yes, i am, kind anon! :) Aside from the heat things are looking good for me right now!



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not a guy, they/them




These two drawings were done last year for my life drawing class.
They are called Hamartia and Bruce Study. I remember the proffessor saying that he didn’t like when his students used color, specially pastels, in their projects but that I had done a fantastic job and he basically loved everything about them.
They were on display the whole winter break.


to all my followers who take antipsychotic medications:

please remember the heat stroke advisory! please remember your meds may make it more difficult for your body to regulate its core temperature! wear your loosest clothes and limit your sun exposure!